TPS Endorsement Scale

Managers spend more time making people decisions than anything else and they should, because no other decisions are so long-lasting and the consequences so difficult to change. When making a decision to hire an applicant, you are not only making a decision, you are also making a prediction. You are predicting that this applicant will succeed. The challenge is making an accurate prediction.

For example, according to Peter Drucker “How To Pick A Winner”, Harvard Business Review, “Executives who do not make an effort to get their people decisions right, do much more than risk poor performance, they risk losing their organization’s respect. And yet, by all accounts, their batting average is no better than 33%. At most, one third of such decisions turn out right, one third are minimally effective and one third are outright failures.”

Every manager has to make hiring decisions. In the final analysis, however, the best we can do is attempt to minimize and control error thus improving the probability of making correct predictions.

The Endorsement scale, of the Trego Personnel Survey (TPS) predicts a candidate’s suitability for the position. It is based on psychometric principles designed to minimize and control error, thus increasing the probability that you hire the Right person for the Right job.