Proven Results! Trego research makes our assessments the best.

For Over 50 years we have been predicting success for our clients. The accuracy of our tools is why clients have used us for decades.

Our Assessments

Trego Personnel Survey (TPS)

Accurately evaluate each candidate’s unique potential

The Trego team designed and honed the TPS specifically for management, professional, and incentive positions. This isn’t a skills test: it’s a deep dive into whether candidates can and will excel in your most important roles.

By measuring Reasoning ability along with core behavior traits and occupational interests. The TPS is a very comprehensive tool to measure a person’s potential success on the job.

The TPS combines advanced behavioral science, over 50 years of research and implementation, and results of 100,000 jobseekers to provide decision makers clear, unbiased insight into how well an individual fits the job.


Screen entry-level hires quickly and comprehensively

Interested in improving your entry-level hires? The StartRight from Trego lets you quickly and easily screen candidates early in the selection process, saving time and budget down the road.

With this tool, you can quickly evaluate whether a candidate “Can Do” or “Will Do” the job. It tells you if they have the necessary abilities for the position(s) that you need to fill. StartRight reduces the need for lengthy interviews and research so you can quickly narrow your pool to the most promising candidates.