Putting The Right Person In The Right Job

Go Trego started as a psychological consulting firm by Dr. Ron Trego back in the 1970’s. Dr. Trego was a pioneer at taking psychological personality tests that were originally designed for clinical use and applying them into a business application.

As one of the forefathers, Dr. Trego knew that using a correctly constructed, valid, normative personality assessment, you can accurately identify core behavioral traits and predict job performance.

Dr. Trego focused most of his research on the automative retail space because of his relationship and success with Carl Sewell. With the use of Dr. Trego’s proprietary research and assessments, we have helped many organizations in the car dealership space to grow and become very successful.

Research, Experience, and Technology Collide

In today’s world of technology, we can now replicate and automate Dr. Trego’s methodology. Quality of hire and time to hire are critical in today’s talent wars. Having the tools to ensure a great candidate experience while providing critical object data to a hiring manager is imperative to ensure the best possible hire.

Dr. Trego’s research to identify the core behavioral characteristics required to succeed is unique. With many statical research studies Dr. Trego has proven his assessments can accurately predict whether an applicant will be successful in the automative industry.

150 years of Experience

Today we are a 50-year-old psychometric personality assessment provider with a team of professionals spanning over 150 years of experience in the assessment industry. Some of the top car dealerships around the country consider the Go Trego team a critical component to their success. Contact us to learn how your organization can use Trego assessments.