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For more than 50 years, Trego has helped organizations hire the right people for the
right Jobs. As pioneers in the employee assessment industy, We answer your two most
important questions: Can the applicant do the job? Will the applicant do the job?

Smarter Candidate Assessments. Better Hires. Unparalleled Results.

Over 50 years of success in the automotive industry. Helping the best become better by hiring the right person for the right job. Learn how…

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“Dr. Trego suggested that we use the test results of our top salespeople as a template for deciding whom we should hire in the future. The strategy has worked. The odds of someone working out here were about one in four… now they’re better than one in two. ”


Chairman of Sewell Automotive Companies Trego client for over 25 years


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Wondering how to ensure you're selecting the top talent? Consider utilizing Employee Assessments. By integrating pre-employment assessments into your hiring process, you gain the ability to swiftly assess talent and choose the cream of the crop. With Trego assessments, you receive objective data that guarantees you're bringing aboard the finest talent available.

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Better Information - Better Outcomes

With accurate information and simple to use, concise reporting, Trego assessments helps you quickly identify top talent.

Improve Quality of hire

Reduce Hiring Skills

Increase Sales Revenue

Reduce Time to Hire