Conscientiousness Scale

The StartRight EQ contains a measure of conscientiousness, the tendency to comply with company policies related to honesty.

A recent analysis of conscientiousness scores for 573 entry level, hourly pay applicants indicated that conscientiousness scores and general mental ability scores are related. High general mental ability scores tend to be related to high conscientiousness scores whereas low general mental ability scores tend to be related to low conscientiousness scores.

Most frequently endorsed (14%) conscientious questions all are; "As long as you don't get carried away, everything you say in a job interview doesn't have to be

the truth“ and "It's better to stretch the truth regarding your qualifications than to tell the truth and not get a higher-paying job".

Low conscientiousness scores are not exclusive to entry-level hourly pay jobs. A prominent national executive search firm has estimated that;

A. 65% of executive candidates stretch the truth about their academic credentials.

B. 43% stretch the truth about the job responsibilities.

C. 42% stretch the truth about previous compensation.

Conclusion, do your homework, take nothing for granted. Always verify everything.