Ready for the Biggest Test?

You've graduated from school and now you think… No more tests!

A bit simplistic, but it’s one of the feelings shared by new graduates. What they quickly learn is, employee testing has become huge for three main reasons; Employers want to be sure they are getting the right hire. Employers want to make sure their team member’s personalities complement each other. Employers want to make sure employees have the skills to do their jobs.

There are three categories of tests that employers use. Aptitude tests measure intangibles such as problem solving and the ability to learn. Personality tests assess behavioral patterns and traits, and skills tests measure competencies.

Employers have too much riding on making the right hire. In the first year, a new employee costs them salary, training expenses and benefits. If they bring on the wrong person, they double the cost of hiring because they have to lay out these expenses all over again. That doesn't count the loss of time and other candidates who may have been a better fit in the first place.

If onboarding is an issue, getting employees to play nice and to get along is just as huge. Internal fighting, poor communication habits and territorial disputes can wreck an organization. So, it is easy to justify testing.

So, the new workforce must get used to testing. They only thought they were done with tests. Welcome to today’s world of work.