StartRight EQ

Screen entry-level hires quickly and comprehensively

Interested in improving your entry-level hires? The StartRight EQ from Trego lets you quickly and easily screen candidates early in the selection process, saving time and budget down the road.

With this comparison, you can quickly evaluate whether candidates demonstrated the necessary abilities for the position(s) that you need to fill. StartRight EQ eliminates the need for lengthy interviews and research so you can quickly narrow your pool to the most promising candidates.


• Can the applicant do the job?

• Will the applicant do the job?

• Conscientiousness (honesty)

• Exaggeration (faking)

Compatible Positions

Entry-level, hourly pay jobs

Used For

Hiring and placement

Summary Report

Summarizes results for the four scales into an easy-to-use Scale Interpretation Table, including recommended ranges of scores based on job difficulty.

Time To Complete

Approximately 15 minutes

Availability Of Results

Within one minute





Unique Benefit

The STARTRIGHT EQ is three tests in one. It is a measure of mental ability, a measure of personality similar to the five factor model personality and a measure of conscientiousness.