Trego Takeaways

Dr. Trego has been designing and validating assessments for over 40 years. His commitment to understanding how human behavior correlates to performance on the job has been his life’s passion. These articles provide insight pertaining to various aspects of the pre-employment hiring process.

TPS Endorsement Scale

Predicts a candidate’s suitability for a position

Ready for the Biggest Test?

Employers want to make sure employees have the skills to do their jobs.

Job Experience

The true value of job experience involves three levels of job experience, none of which are related to length of job experience.

Decisions Theory and Employee Selection

The goal of employee selection strategy is to maximize hits and correct rejections while minimizing misses and bogus selections

5 Most Important Traits of Successful Salespeople

Learn about Dr Trego’s critical sales behavior

TPS Conscientiousness Scale

Conscientiousness scores and general mental ability scores and related

Never Judge a book by its Cover

Applicants are not always what they appear to be

General Mental Ability

Is the best predictor of job-related learning, promotion and for overall job performance for virtually every job

Can personality Change?

For most of us, our personality is remarkably stable over time