Accurately evaluate each candidate’s unique potential

The Trego team designed and honed the TPS specifically for management, professional, and incentive positions. This isn’t a skills test: it’s a deep dive into whether candidates can and will excel in your most important roles.


  • TPS
  • Thinking and reasoning ability
  • Occupational Interest
  • Behavior Traits

Compatible Positions

Various management, professional and incentive pay positions

Used For

Hiring, placement, promotion, succession planning

Summary Report

Profile scales including recommendation narrative summary explaining profile scale scores and recommendation

Time To Complete

Less than one hour

Customized Results Sent

Real Time



Unique Benefit

The TPS combines advanced behavioral science, over 40 years of research and implementation and results of 100,000 jobseekers to provide decision makers a clear, unbiased insight into how well an individual fits the job.