Ron Trego PHD


Dr. Ronald Trego, has been a stalwart figure in organizational consultancy since 1973, specializing in pinpointing and recruiting ideal candidates. Renowned for his personalized approach, Dr. Trego has garnered a reputation solely through his commitment to excellence. Based in Dallas, Texas, he and his team provide unwavering dedication, expertise, and support to foster enduring partnerships and tangible outcomes.

With over four decades of experience, Dr. Trego has collaborated with diverse national and international entities across various sectors. His journey into psychological measurement commenced during his graduate studies at Texas Christian University, where he was honored with a NASA Research Fellowship in the 1960’s. His pioneering work in this field, including 12 technical publications on space crew effectiveness, particularly for a Mars mission, attests to his innovative spirit. Dr. Trego has devised and refined groundbreaking pre-employment assessment techniques, conducting over 20,000 personal evaluations. As a respected lecturer and seminar leader at national and international forums, he shares his wealth of knowledge.

Serving as a consultant to industry, educational, and governmental bodies globally, Dr. Trego has dedicated himself to crafting and validating assessments for four decades. His profound understanding of human behavior and its impact on job performance reflects his lifelong dedication. With a notable focus on the automotive sector, he has deployed his assessments to benefit tens of thousands of employees and applicants, enriching the hiring process.