Joe Kistner


Joe is an entrepreneur and innovative talent management leader with a proven track record for driving excellence in challenging business environments. Joe brings over 30 years of global operations, sales, and marketing experience in the assessment, talent management, and talent acquisition sectors.

As the owner and CEO of multiple assessment companies, Joe is passionate about putting the talent back into talent management. His very close relationship with Dr. Trego has Joe sharing the passion for matching people to their job to ensure the best outcomes for both the employee and employer. Joe is driven to use a high-tech, but more importantly, high-touch approach in the world we call Talent Acquisition. A fresh approach is required to meet the demands of a multigenerational workforce.

Joe formally joined Dr. Trego creating Go Trego to ensure Dr. Trego’s legacy continues in this niche employee assessment industry. Talent acquisition is more than searching for the right people, it is about developing a culture that people of all ages and backgrounds yearn to thrive in. Go Trego, with its 50 years of experience, provides organizations with seasoned, proven and valid contemporary assessment tools needed to obtain said culture.